care stream 3600

Product review of the carestream 3600

Product review of the carestream 3600

When it comes to dentistry, you cannot afford to make mistakes. This means that you need the best products in the market. The equipment that you select should not only be high quality, but they should occupy little space.

Imagine a light weight product that handles restoration, implants and orthodontic. The CS 3600 is the ideal tool for any dentist serious about their practice. The CS 3600 is meant to make dental care faster through a high-speed intelligent matching system. You are also able to take full HD 3D images using the system.

You are able to get good scans besides the client fidgeting and your hands becoming unstable. The CS 3600 is light enough to fit in your hands and this gives you a lot of flexibility when doing scan. But, what makes the CS 3600 the preferred tool for dentists.

Key CS 3600 Features

Intelligent matching system

The smart system gives the CS 3600 auto locate features. This allows you to fill in missing information in the data sheet through the intelligent matching system. You just need to position the scanner on any part of the mouth and it will auto-locate for you. You do not need to strain a lot due to the CS 3600 13mm range. You can move around the room without any interruption to the images in the scan.

The CS 3600 delivers accurate clinical images which enables you make better decisions. The results are stunning and this will enable you serve more clients while saving time.

With the CS 3600 you do not need to use spray powder or liquid before you scan. This reduces the time for intraoral scanning and maximizes patient comfort.

Two tip option

The scanner comes in two distinct tips – normal and side oriented. You can use the tips interchangeably depending on what you want to scan. You are able to reach far places in the mouth with the scan. To reduce the chances of infections both tips are autoclavable and you can use them up to 20 times. You can use the angles one for children and another for adults. With a scanning depth of between -2mm to +13mm, you will be able to identify margin lines and undercuts using 45-degree angles.

Full 3D pictures

We found the images produced by the CS 3600 to very clear and of high quality. You can get both 2D and 3D images in high definition. The images are delivered in high color. This enables a dentist to better diagnose a dental problem faster. The patient is also able to see the extent of his/her dental problems.

Light weight

It can be difficult working with bulky equipment’s in the dentistry. The CS 3600 is very lightweight which means you need minimal space when using it. It also does not tire your hands which give you better maneuverability. The CS 3600 fits into any USB port in laptops or PCs.


The cable is also long enough not to trip you but at the same time give you better maneuverability. You can also rest the scanner on a stool as you go on with other procedures.  Patients do not like being in the chair for long periods of time, with the CS 3600 you are able to save them discomfort.

Sharing files

You can easily share files with your referrals or another department in the clinic easily through your computer. You can open various type of files with the scan software. The scan software is compatible with open implant and restoration software. You also can share the 3D images with any lab that has digital impressions.

The intuitive software will guide you as you scan the abutment or scan body. You can scan both arches and capsules bite registration quickly and easily.

Benefits of the CS 3600

  • You are able to eliminate disruption in your workflow
  • The equipment lets you save time meaning you can treat more patients
  • You are able to perform a wide range of procedures
  • Open and flexible for lab set up
  • You are able to eliminate errors by making more accurate decisions.
  • You do not need to use any liquids or sprays before scanning
  • An innovative green light tells you when the scan is complete.

The CS 3600 was designed to make intraoral scanning convenient and economical as possible. This equipment is the perfect choice for dentists running their own private dental practices. This digital solution lets dentists acquire quadrant scans and sectorial for implant planning, restorative works, and manufacturing surgical guides for third parties. The tool provides a simple and accurate way by having an innovative light guidance system.

The CS 3600 comes in a sleek design that eliminates the need for trolleys. You can move the scanner around various clinics. With the introduction of cloud computing you can carry around your patients scans around easily and securely. The precision offered by the scan eliminates chances of making mistakes and you are able to make more consultancy fees due to higher turnouts of patients.


The CS 3600 is the ideal tool for any dentist. The light weight design makes it easy to carry around without the need of trolleys. You are able to save on space and improve maneuverability in the clinic. The 3D images are high definition and help diagnose a problem in the fastest and most accurate way. Improve your precision by using the CS 3600.



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