BIOLASE Waterlase iplus dental laser


BIOLASE recently released the Waterlase Express All-Tissue Laser System. The small, easy-to-use fifth-generation system is the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of dental lasers.

The BIOLASE Waterlase iplus dental laser has made it easier for dentists to incorporate laser dentistry into their practices.

In addition to selling dentists these dental lasers, the company conducts sessions that address how dentists can properly incorporate lasers into their practice. This also includes delivering advanced care to their patients when managing periodontal conditions.

This shows their commitment to elevating the standard of care in dentistry and providing clinicians with tools to enable superior patient outcomes and enhance patients’ dental experiences.

The company is constantly innovating to increase affordability and access to the most advanced dental technologies that will enable all dentists to deliver the highest level of care.

Best features

This minimally invasive dental laser system features expanded and enhanced capabilities such as the Surefire delivery system and REPAIR protocols on board. These features help you to give your patients the best possible experience and give your practice an opportunity for growth.

It resolves daily clinical problems

Every day, you face numerous clinical challenges – from controlling bleeding, managing impinged tissue, accessing decay in a tough-to-reach proximal surface. Some of the daily activities resolved by this dental laser include;

  • Access, cleaning, and shaping of teeth
  • Pulpotomy
  • Disinfection of root canal
  • Removal of smear layer
  • Cavity preparations
  • Sub-gingival decay removal
  • Troughing

Fortunately, Waterlase iPlus offers you complete versatility across all tissue types.

Patient Comfort

Waterlase iPlus is engineered to provide a refreshing, comfortable patient experience when compared to traditional tools such as needles, drills and scalpels. It means less pain for your patients as you operate on them.

In an age where patient satisfaction is communicated in public ways, your practice needs the best, most comfortable options available.

Proven Technology

With more than 15,000 dental offices around the world deploying Waterlase technology, the system is reliable, durable and flexible for almost any dental practice or speciality office.

Waterlase iPlus features REPAIR Perio that involves closed crown lengthening and flap surgery and REPAIR Implant onboard which entails implant debridement and flap surgery.

Simple Laser Controls adjust the cutting power on the fly; you simply slide the button left or right. It comes with a basic user interface to accelerate learning on how to go about it.

It comes with a One-Touch Learning Center where you can be able to access the best practices and expert advice Videos on maintenance and care. Also, it provides unlimited access to BIOLASE Connect™ online account.

There is an Onboard User Manual plus one-touch access to laser instructions. This is great for staff training and retention. You can stay up to date with the latest content available.

Choose Your Waterlase iPlus Color

Waterlase iPlus is available in 11 different colors and a collection of unique themed finishes. No matter your practice décor, there is a version of Waterlase iPlus that will complement your operation room nicely.

Choose your Waterlase color and become a Waterlase Dentist today.

Pre-Set Procedures

Waterlase iPlus is cleared for over 80 different indications for soft tissue, hard tissue and bone which is more than any other dental laser!

Waterlase iPlus leads to results by empowering you and your team to offer patients the best possible dental experience with a single-visit, multi-quadrant and minimally invasive dentistry.

This dental laser comes with a Vivid HD Tablet Interface, the latest in tablet technology. It has a familiar tablet and touch screen interface and regular updates on new content (Wi-Fi connection required)

This tablet enables organized workflows and procedures that can be organized into clinical categories. It also comes with an intuitive radial interface design.

Why this laser is good for your patients

Here are some of the reasons why dentists should make use of this dental laser to cut costs and improve their services.

Fewer Referrals to Specialists – Soft-tissue lasers give practitioners the ability to precisely complete routine procedures performed in general practice. It also allows them to handle many procedures they would have referred to specialists previously.

They are particularly useful for gingivectomies to facilitate caries removal and enhance a smile’s esthetics in a minimally invasive way.

Easier Periodontal Treatment – Lasers can be used for full periodontal therapy including removing bacteria in patients with periodontal disease.

In addition to the long-standing benefits of diode lasers destroying bacteria in the periodontal pocket, there are exciting new dual wavelength protocols that are showing unprecedented tissue response and results for the patient. It is an exciting time for lasers in dentistry and the treatment of periodontal disease.

Quick and Easy Cavity Treatment that even younger patients won’t mind using. One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with fewer anes­thetic, less damage and less pain.

The idea here is to inflict minimal pain on the patients and also cause minimal damages to the tissues that you are operating on.

Better Impressions – When used to create a trough around prepared teeth, lasers can improve the quality of daily impression taking, resulting in impressions that are cleaner and more accurate.

Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry Opportunities – Dentists can use a laser to improve the look of their patients’ teeth by removing part of the tissue to make the teeth match in size.

Studies have shown that Biolase’s EPIC™ can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time.

With LaserGel20 whitening gel kits available in five-packs, it’s a reliable, affordable treatment that can generate a high return on your investment.

Generate Buzz Around Your Practice – With the persistent presence of social media in your patients’ lives, lasers like the WaterLase can offer a transformational experience for your patients. They also generate a viral marketing effect about your practice and the type of dentistry you bring to your community.

Pain Therapy – The Waterlase iplus dental laser is used in Pain Therapy. Using a deluxe fully engineered Deep Tissue Handpiece to control important parameters such as spot size, you have capabilities for treating TMJ and other musculoskeletal pain.

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